Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photographer's Journal (2009 - 2011)

In recent years, we've seen the rise and popularity of DSLRs. Because of continuous technological advancement, we can now choose from a lot of options in finding DSLR cameras that will fit our need and our budget. Nowadays we even have more options with mirrorless cameras finding their way into the market.

I'm a recent convert to Photography, and I got a hold of my own camera back in August of 2009, as a gift from my dear Mom. It was a Canon 500D and this sparked what would be a passion of mine, that led to investments (or expenses?) in lenses and what other accessories was needed, or that I felt was needed (GAS uh-oh!). Unfortunate as I may say it is, I feel the experience has been so rich in terms of how I was able to capture time and memories, and share these with my family and friends. This was more than enough reason for me to have gone through whatever I did back then despite the $$ loss.

Fast forward to 2012, and I've now completely sold my photography gear, which includes the Canon 500D, 35L and 85mm lenses, bags, tripod, accessories, etc. Its not that I don't like photography anymore, or that photography doesn't like me, but that the setup I had was too cumbersome for what I needed to fill my passion and hobby. I've decided to switch to a Micro Four-Thirds camera, and looking at buying that new Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera shipping in April! I really feel like this camera is the best compromise of size and quality and fits exactly what I need!

Until about April, I will have no camera to hold as my own, except my iPhone, which isn't at all that bad. Actually, it's surprisingly good and much better than expected. Several camera/photography apps make iPhone photography such a joy to use, and share to the world. Camera+, Instagram, and recently Mattebox that I'm starting to love are such examples. I bring my iPhone everywhere, and can take snaps anywhere and anytime! Smartphones have become "smart" (duh!) and the cameras with it have become much better so much so that the market for entry level P&S has gone down.

So now, with no camera gear until this waiting period is over, all I can do other than experimenting several post-processing styles is taking shots via iPhone until I finally get that OM-D camera. :)

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