Sunday, November 11, 2012

Portraits: Alyssa Denise

Meet Alyssa. K-Pop. Niece. K-Pop. Fun. K-Pop. Fanatic. K-Pop. Cool. and did I mention K-Pop?
This was one fun portrait session - with an added element of time constraint and unavailability of the primary location added into the mix. Here's the story:

It was a sunny Saturday - after 3 weeks of rain so I was feeling real good about our schedule for the portrait session. Alyssa had school this Saturday and ending at around 2:00PM. She was home by 3PM, but still had to go to the salon to get her hair and makeup done (my friend Jamie - MUA was unfortunately unavailable). By 4PM, she was still not done. And I was getting a bit anxious. I was afraid of losing sunlight! I wanted that late afternoon sun because golden hour sun is always good -- and that since moving to M43, I still have not invested in any light setup - let alone a flash to use bounce techniques I've learned before. So the sun was critical - otherwise, I couldn't do anything.

When she was done in the salon, we rushed back to their house, took whatever props she's prepared or she's had ready, and set out to our primary location -- LaMesa Ecopark. By the time we got there though, apparently the park closes at 5PM - and we were advised not to waste our time to get in only to be asked to leave. We ended up going back to one of the villages near their area instead, into one of those open area/parks inside to do the shoot. All I had in my mind at this time was - Let's get this done while we still have sunlight! So off we went, and did what we could in the time we had with the sun.
After a few test shots, I felt that I settled down after all that rush, and got into more shooting. My lens of choice for this: Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 and the little Panasonic 14mm f/2.5. I didn't think I could pull it off with this lens, but I think I did! Thanks to Alyssa's younger sisters Alyanna, and Daniela, for being assistants during this shoot. ;)

A few lessons from this shoot:
1. Do a check on the location (schedule/availability/permit)
2. Doing it earlier would've made it easier (to avoid rushing)
3. Don't forget the reflector please?

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