Saturday, November 3, 2012

#MyHandsOn the Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5

Back when I got the OMD last May, I envisioned an all prime setup of 12, 20/25, 45. I didn't think the 12-50 f/3.5-6.3 lens was going to cut it with my style of photography. I've gotten used to primes since I was using a DSLR and what really sold me into moving to m43 (apart from the weight issue of DSLR) is the magnificent range of prime lenses available. This was actually one of the selling points that Robin Wong has shared with me when I reached out to him and sought advise for my move to m43.

The first prime I've used in OMD was the Canon 50/1.4 FD lens, which was an experiment to adapted lenses. Needless to say, I've thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, from manual focusing to the awesome bokeh. The only complaint I should have for it is that it's too long for an m43 sensor.

The next prime I've used, is the Panasonic Lumix 14/2.5 lens, which my good friend Norbelle let me borrow for 2 weeks. I was excited to use such small lens as it was highly regarded with its quality albeit slower in comparison to both 20/1.7 pancake from Panasonic, or the 12/2 lens from Olympus.

It's seriously small, and compact, and actually looks weird on the OMD. I reckon you should buy those Leica type vent hoods for this, and it will look perfect!

Here's how it looks in the OMD. Looks a little bit weird to me. But I like how its so compact -- Almost pocketable except for the prism design for the viewfinder.

Here's how it "stands" up to the kit lens.

Side by side with the LX5, it's almost the same size as the LX5 lens with the JJC hood on!

Overall feel of the lens is nice. Although it's light, it feels really solid. When I look at it, I just keep thinking about needing a Leica-type lens hood on. That would look perfect on the OMD! Now let's get to some sample shots shall we?

I don't particularly like showing my feet, but this is to show the field of view when shooting from my hip.

Miggy and me!

The lens can show smooth bokeh, but to get more, you'd have to really get up close to the subject, and this being a wide lens, when used up close can distort your subject. But who cares about all these rules? It can be pretty interesting at times. :)

I've used it wide open on almost 98% of the time. And it's plenty sharp at f/2.5. Quick note though, I'm not a pixel peeper.

Miggy playing with some baby girl walking around the mall.

It's very compact really. I had it slung over my shoulder for almost a whole day at the mall. I didn't have to be too careful with bumping people like I used to back in my DSLR days, or even now with the kit lens + OMD.

Colleagues from IBM, Gatch and Mel.

Small, compact, light, and its much smaller when you remove the cap on both sides.

I've enjoyed using the 14mm pancake. While I still personally prefer a wider aperture, I thought at f/2.5 and for general everyday use, it performed very well. I love the field of view, the colors and contrast from the lens, the overall output of photos I was getting out of this combo was very good!

Would I recommend this lens to a friend? YES. Other options that are close to this focal length are 12mm f/2 lens from Olympus, which is superb - but a lot more expensive, or the Olympus 17mm f/2.8 pancake.


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  2. Great review! Have some questions here.. Would the auto focus slower compared to Olympus 12mm f2.0?