Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stephen Gabriel

For the 2nd time, I get to experience one of God's greatest miracles in the birth of my second son, Stephen Gabriel. They say things are easier the second time around, and this one was no different. We were a lot more prepared from almost every aspect. Overall, we were more calm, more relaxed, and again knew what to expect based on our first experience.

The last time with Miggy, it was all rush, and I was nervous and anxious. My hands were cold waiting to be called inside the Delivery Room. I still had my Canon 500D and 35/1.4 L lens at the time. I remember not wanting to see any blood, so I kept to within a corner beside my wife, and just shot whatever. As Miggy came out and got transferred to a separate area, that was only when I felt I had control over what I wanted to shoot.

With Gabby, it was a different story. I was there from almost start, and watched as the doctors prepped. I had the Fuji X-E1 with me, and a similar 35/1.4 lens, and I had control and took shots I wanted, save for the one with me cutting the cord ;) A wonderful and engaging experience for a father, that I will forever treasure. I wish I had experienced the same for Miggy.

Stats look good!

Me getting a piece of the action and getting to cut the cord. :)

Dra. Lagman-Dy and baby Gabby.

And of course, happy wife and mother with Gabby together again. :)

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